Friday, November 25, 2011

Burnt Reynolds

Sharing members with bands like Neighborhood Zero, Clear Coats and Dick Janitor, Burnt Reynolds and His Hot Bones is one of THEE most important bands in the Provo, UT garage and punk scene. They released a split tape for a tour of the Western US with The Split Reactions and put out a 5 song CD EP during the summer of 2011. They also had a song included on 2010's Provo punk compilation album, Weird You Out, Vol. 1.

Sadly, the band's two founding members, Burnt Reynolds and Watered Downey Junior, have moved to the Arizona desert, but hopefully we'll hear more recordings from these weirdos.

"Apex Caliente" from the s/t EP:

Flyer art by Bryan Gomm.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Phew! Another zine in the bag! Interviews with Vegetable and LATFO, comix, other shit! Read it online, or, if yer quick, you can grab a print copy from either of the Juice n Javas, the Orem Graywhale, The Coffee Pod (Provo) or Muse Music (Provo). Select coffee shops in Maricopa, AZ will also be carrying it sometime next week, as will select locations in Boise, ID. Raunch Records in Salt Lake will also have a stack here pretty quick. If you're too busy to bother with that shit, just email me at, and we'll figure out how to get one your way. Love, love, love, Nate

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Alright! 32 pages full Punk comix, weird art, manifestos, fiction, zine reviews and plenty about Roxy Epoxy, Big Trub, Billy Childish, The Feelies, Viking Fuck, Captain Beefheart, Egyptian Combo, Jon Wayne, Super Sonic Piss, These Needles, Vegetable, Youthbitch, Ska Sucks, Hot Dog Buddy Buddy, Rock Tigers and Solid Attitude. Contributors this time were Bryan Gomm, Nico Hualde, Chad Danger Lindsay, Tommy Ottley, Stevie Pohlman, Marcus "Shaky" Sullivan, Jesse Tucker, Alex Vaughn, Steve Vistaunet, Brendan Wells and myself.

Read it online here: or email me for a print copy. Soon available at Muse Music in Provo, Raunch Records in Salt Lake City, The Record Exchange in Boise and from the coolest of the cool in Portland. THE BEAT THE BEAT THE BEAT

Monday, March 7, 2011

Issue 6 is less than a week away

Alright dudes, MTDS #6 should be out this week. Look for an interview with Roxy Epoxy, tons of punk comix, a manifesto/short story about anarchy, fiction from Youthbitch's Stevie Pohlman, record reviews, paper dolls and an obituary of Captain Beefheart, among other stuff. I'm talking about bands like Handicapitalist, Solid Attitude and Super Sonic Piss + more. Holy balls.

Hit me up to get a copy or keep your eyes open at Muse Music in Provo, Raunch Records in Salt Lake, and the Record Exchange in Boise. Hopefully some will end up at Green Noise in Portland, as well. Live long and prosper.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preview of #6

It's a long way off, but here's a comic by Señor Nico Hualde whose work will be featured in MTDS #6.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Issue #5 is Official

It's out. 32 pages of Rock and Roll. Email for the PDF version or else pick up a print copy at Muse Music in Provo or Raunch Records in SLC. Boise and Portland pickup locations to be announced. Or just read the whole thing here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy crap! Personal Ads!

ATTENTION READERS OF MUSIC THAT DOESN'T SUCK! Tired of looking for love in all the RIGHT places and finding nothing but disease free prudes? Looking for the kind of love that only exists in the seedy zine underworld? Desperate for attention and validation? Put your personal ad in MTDS and find the love of your life--or at least of next Thursday! For the low, low price of $1 you will not only give your romantic life a much needed boot in the ass, but you'll also help pay for the printing of an excellent zine.Send an email to with your message and personal information. Deadline: Wednesday July 28th. Ladies place ads for free!