Sunday, March 13, 2011


Alright! 32 pages full Punk comix, weird art, manifestos, fiction, zine reviews and plenty about Roxy Epoxy, Big Trub, Billy Childish, The Feelies, Viking Fuck, Captain Beefheart, Egyptian Combo, Jon Wayne, Super Sonic Piss, These Needles, Vegetable, Youthbitch, Ska Sucks, Hot Dog Buddy Buddy, Rock Tigers and Solid Attitude. Contributors this time were Bryan Gomm, Nico Hualde, Chad Danger Lindsay, Tommy Ottley, Stevie Pohlman, Marcus "Shaky" Sullivan, Jesse Tucker, Alex Vaughn, Steve Vistaunet, Brendan Wells and myself.

Read it online here: or email me for a print copy. Soon available at Muse Music in Provo, Raunch Records in Salt Lake City, The Record Exchange in Boise and from the coolest of the cool in Portland. THE BEAT THE BEAT THE BEAT

Monday, March 7, 2011

Issue 6 is less than a week away

Alright dudes, MTDS #6 should be out this week. Look for an interview with Roxy Epoxy, tons of punk comix, a manifesto/short story about anarchy, fiction from Youthbitch's Stevie Pohlman, record reviews, paper dolls and an obituary of Captain Beefheart, among other stuff. I'm talking about bands like Handicapitalist, Solid Attitude and Super Sonic Piss + more. Holy balls.

Hit me up to get a copy or keep your eyes open at Muse Music in Provo, Raunch Records in Salt Lake, and the Record Exchange in Boise. Hopefully some will end up at Green Noise in Portland, as well. Live long and prosper.